New Baleno the best possible update

Slightly larger that the Swift, the new Baleno is barely recognisable from its predecessor, writes David Thomson. What’s New?The current Suzuki Baleno has been around since 2016, pro; Read More

Jimny retains old school charm

Familiarity breeds ...?Well, in the case of Suzuki’s little rockhopper, the Jimny, it’s ‘‘more of the above’’. The latest edition has more tech and styling chic, but beneath the junior G-wagen look and excluding the engine bay, it’s ; Read More

TWIST & SHOUT - The latest Suzuki Swift Sport

The latest Suzuki Swift Sport is equipped to take on the best of Asia and Europe, writes David Thomson. And, judging by its sales figures, it's leading the pack. JUDGING by this year's sales figures, the latest Suzuki Swift is proving every bit a; Read More