Swift fast, but not furious

David Thomson heads out for an extended run in the latest version of the Suzuki Swift Sport. What’s new?It’s a couple of years since I’ve been behind the wheel of the Suzuki Swift Sport, and the chan; Read More

New Nissan worth the wait

Nissan has joined the ranks of those offering a flashed-up flagship ute in New Zealand. David Thomson takes the resulting vehicle — the N-Trek Warrior — on and off the beaten track. What’s new?Premiu; Read More

Yaris a sharply-styled urbanite

There is nothing wrong, writes DavidThomson, with starting at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to the all-new, fourth-generation Toyota Yaris. What’s new?From Starlet to Echo to Yaris, small To; Read More

Hyper hot hatch

Mercedes-Benz’s performance arm AMG has taken the concept of a hot hatchback to a new level with the latest A45 S. David Thomson is still catching his breath after time behind the wheel. What’s new?H; Read More

Comfort and refinement

Another week, another new compact SUV crossover to drive. That’s how it feels to David Thomson, with the Skoda Kamiq the latest vehicle of this type entrusted to his care for a road test. What’s new?; Read More

Plenty of bite in Mako

In rugby terms, the story of the latest Hilux is akin to a great test match that looks like being an opposition romp — until an outcome-swinging last-minute local comeback. Before getting into that, here’s a question: How do you feel about; Read More

Peugeot refreshingly original

Peugeot is showing serious intent in the compact crossover segment with the new 2008. David Thomson  find himself in 3-D viewing mode as he gets behind the wheel of the new machine. What’s new?Manufa; Read More

Mind the gap: behold the GLB

David Thomson and friends have been trying the new Mercedes GLB for size. What’s new?Filling the gaps between existing models in a sports utility range is something car-makers are wont to do these da; Read More

Focus a fast and agile delight

After a testing bevy of SUVs in recent weeks, David Thomson is pleased to get behind the wheel of a sporty hatchback, the new Ford Focus ST.What’s new?The fourth-generation Ford Focus hatchback m; Read More

Dignified, smooth, exceptional

After a four-year absence, the Defender has returned to the Land Rover Range. David Thomson tests this all-new take on the original theme on local roads and trails. What’s new? When Land Rover reti; Read More