Newest addition to Mercedes EQ lineup is a mighty performance machine

Mercedes-Benz New Zealand has recently added a fifth model to its all-electric EQ line-up, and David Thomson has been putting it to the test. What’s new?Slotting in between the Mercedes-Benz EQC — the 2020 New Zealan; Read More

A town car to turn heads

A new Citroen demonstrates the benefits of plug-in hybrids, Richard Bosselman writes. The argument for going to a plug-in hybrid is outwardly persuasive, as a half-way point technology that’s a good option for anyone who’s not ready to go ; Read More

Original turns a new Leaf

Salute the world’s first mass-market electric, the car that has introduced more New Zealanders to battery-only driving than any other. To be fair, the vast majority of Leafs on our roads have arrived here as used imports, with very few pro; Read More

David Thomson road tests the hybrid flagship of the new Mercedes C-Class range

A plug-in hybrid is the current flagship of the new Mercedes C-Class range. David Thomson puts it to the test. What’s new?When Mercedes launched the latest fifth-generation C-Class saloon here a year ago, it landed a; Read More

Legends R made of this

The latest VW Golf R is following in the footsteps of a hot hatch legend. David Thomson discovers what it has to offer. What’s new?Its predecessor was the best Golf R ever and, arguably, the best hot hatch of its gen; Read More

The new Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 is something special

The new EQS is an AMGfettled pure-electric alternative to Mercedes’ S-Class ultra-luxury saloon. Richard Bosselman has been spending time behind the wheel. Within the electric sphere alone, the new Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 is something special;; Read More

An impressive addition to the Skoda range

David Thomson tries the latest addition to Skoda’s Octavia range and finds no shortage of appeal. What’s new?The fourth generation Skoda Octavia wagon has been on sale here since early 2021, but the addition of plug-; Read More

Riding high with Renault

The Renault Arkana adds further choice in the compact crossover coupe segment. David Thomson takes a look. What’s new?Crossover SUVs with swooping coupe lines have become all the rage in recent years, and now Renault; Read More

Volkswagen's Multivan 7 a big leap ahead

A plug-in hybrid option has been added to Volkswagen’s passenger van line, and David Thomson has been spending time behind the wheel. What’s new?When it comes to innovation in the world of passenger vans, Volkswagen ; Read More

David Thomson road tests MG's Plug-In Hybrd SUV

David Thomson has spent time behind the wheel of MG’s other electric offering, the HS +EV plug-in hybrid. The HS is a larger SUV sibling to the ZS and is available in 119kW/250kW pure petrol guise at four different trim levels, or in two t; Read More