Skoda Octavia RS wagon at the head of the class

I got into a conversation just recently with a work colleague, he’s also a car enthusiast, when time allows we are always talking about things automotive. After asking me how I was enjoying the Skoda Octavia evaluation car, he raised a rea; Read More

Comfort and refinement

Another week, another new compact SUV crossover to drive. That’s how it feels to David Thomson, with the Skoda Kamiq the latest vehicle of this type entrusted to his care for a road test. What’s new?; Read More

Scala a sweeter litre than expected

Skoda’s new Corolla-sized hatchback, the Scala, has been out and about on Kiwi roads since the end of last year. DavidThomson finally gets behind the wheel. What’s new?Skoda’s rise from the fringes t; Read More

'A solid highway cruiser' - Ross Kiddie gets behind the wheel of the Skoda Karoq

One of the benefits of being a car-nut child, and teenager, living a rural lifestyle, was getting into farm vehicles of all types and sizes. One that I remember vividly was t; Read More

Engine swap in Karoq package

Two years after making its debut, the Skoda Karoq mid-sized crossover SUV has been given a tweak for New Zealand. David Thomson tries the petrol variant to see what has changed. What’s new?Sometimes ; Read More

Is driving feeling like a chore?

Have these school holidays, or just family life in general, got you feeling like a taxi service for your kids? If so, Skoda has an app to help you claim some payback for the seemingly endless drop-offs and pick-ups. The Skoda Paren; Read More

Skoda Karoq filling some big shoes

David Thompson gets behind the wheel of the latest Skoda to hit the New Zealand market, the Karoq. Skoda is an upwardly mobile brand in New Zealand right now, and the vehicle that is expected to carry the company’s fortunes further than any other ; Read More