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  • BMW hatch goes front-wheel-drive

    What’s new? The last holdout for rearwheel-drive among small prestige hatchbacks has finally transferred to the front-wheeldrive pack. This new-generation machine is based on the same underpinnings used by the BMW X1 and X2, as w

  • Winter roads are dicey - drive to the conditions

    Every year in around the country, adverse weather conditions contribute to crashes on our roads. Crashes generally occur because people haven’t adjusted their driving to take weather conditions into account. It’s important that you allow extra tim

  • Engine rebuild to be filmed for educational video

    Building a new engine for their Toyota 86 for the South Island Endurance Series has a dual purpose for a Queenstown-based team.  Ben Silcock and Andre Simon are cofounders of the High Performance Academy, which provides online training sol