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  • A town car to turn heads

    A new Citroen demonstrates the benefits of plug-in hybrids, Richard Bosselman writes. The argument for going to a plug-in hybrid is outwardly persuasive, as a half-way point technology that’s a good option for anyone who’s not ready to go

  • O’Meara-Hunt named group’s first female pro driver

    Another glass ceiling has been broken in the motorsport world. The group operating the three Tony Quinn-owned motor racing circuits in New Zealand has appointed the first female professional driver to their line-up of hot lap drivers and d

  • Original turns a new Leaf

    Salute the world’s first mass-market electric, the car that has introduced more New Zealanders to battery-only driving than any other. To be fair, the vast majority of Leafs on our roads have arrived here as used imports, with very few pro

  • Walker goes from hero to zero and back

    As a multiple world champion and an Olympic medallist in her chosen sport of BMX, Sarah Walker knows full well how often the highs of sporting achievement can be followed by lows.Rally Otago served up its own version of hero-to-zero for Walk