Strap yourself in for a hectic month of motorsport

April has come to a busy end in the world of motorsport, with World Rally Championship and Formula One rounds last weekend, the latter at Imola in Italy featuring Kiwi racers Liam Lawson and Marcus Armstrong. Traditionally, though, May has; Read More

Luxury electrics on the way

Premium German marques BMW and Mercedes-Benz have unveiled new high-end electric vehicles, and both are heading to these shores. Revealed as part of its radically styled, all-new seventh-generation 7-series line-up, BMW’s i7 is a fully ele; Read More

The rise of a new Corvette

Enthusiasm for sports cars really ramped up after World War 2; in America as here, the fad for light and lithe cars was such it wasn’t long before race meetings were being organised. Legendary General Motors designer Harley Earl was so imp; Read More

Mazda Demio the most stolen - and recovered - car

The Mazda Demio takes the dubious honour of being New Zealand’s most stolen car, as Canterbury trails only Auckland for vehicle theft claims handled by a major insurer. Of the 12,000 claims AMI received between 2019 and 2021, ; Read More

Long road leads to man’s dream car

Gore man Trent Soper has worked hard to buy his 1967 XR Ford Falcon. Mr Soper said he fell in love with the car during his teenage years and determined he would do whatever it took to purchase his dream car.; Read More

Touring supercars draw the eye

A fleet of supercars converged on Southland this week, as the North Island-based NZ Super Car Club reached the halfway point of its nationwide tour. Club chairman Neil Inns said the tour had been in the works for a few months,; Read More

Magazine reaches milestone

NZ Classic Driver magazine is celebrating its 100th issue this month. The magazine’s goal has always been to preserve local motor racing history by not just featuring classic cars, but also the personalities behind the wheel too. N; Read More

Hybrid hits middle ground

Having tested the all-electric version of Mazda’s new MX-30 crossover last year, David Thomson now slips behind the wheel of its hybrid counterpart. What’s new? In round one of Drivesouth meets the MX-30, the all-e; Read More

Gilmour keen to build on experience gained in Saudi desert

Dunedin driver Emma Gilmour has made history in the desert. Gilmour, the first female to drive for McLaren since the motorsport team named after a fellow Kiwi was established in 1963, made her debut in the Desert X Prix in Saudi Arabia at ; Read More

Riders despite Burt Munro being called off

When Invercargill’s Burt Munro Motorcycle Classic weekend was cancelled because of Covid-19 restrictions, the city reeled at the thought of millions of dollars not flowing into the economy. But to the surprise of the city, many of the ride; Read More