Mind the gap: behold the GLB

David Thomson and friends have been trying the new Mercedes GLB for size. What’s new?Filling the gaps between existing models in a sports utility range is something car-makers are wont to do these da; Read More

EQC worth the wait

Tesla may be riding high on the stock markets, but vehicles to rival its EV ambitions are arriving at pace. They include Mercedes-Benz’s new EQC, which David Thomson has just taken on his longest all electric journey.; Read More

Taste of two to come

Richard Bosselman flies to Europe to get behind the wheel of the latest offerings from Mercedes-Benz. ; Read More

Cool-as coup for Mercedes

While there’s no rain in Austria right now, there is plenty of snow, as I discovered during a 400km drive from Innsbruck into the heart of the Tyrol in the new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. After overnighting near the top of the Timmelsjoch Hig; Read More

New B-class impresses

Mercedes-Benz’s compact people mover, the B-Class, is now into its third generation. David Thomson checks out this low-key achiever of the Mercedes range. What’s New?Part conventional car, part peopl; Read More

A luxury landship

Mercedes-Benz’s third generation GLS combines elements of an S-Class sedan, GLE medium sports utility and the toughness of a G-Class to create ‘‘the S-Class of SUVs’’. Richard Bosselman reports. Blend the interior fito; Read More

Benz C-Class: Comfort and character

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class has had a mid-life makeover, writes David Thomson. What’s new?A substantive mid-life makeover has been the order of the day for the current Mercedes-Benz C-Class, five years; Read More

Mercedes adds touch of flair

What’s new?When the new-generation A-Class Mercedes was launched here late last year, the sole variant on offer was the turbocharged 120kW 1.3-litre A200. Now there’s an A250 to consider. It packs 165kW of 2.0-litre ; Read More

Super boost for Mercedes C-200

What’s new?  Mercedes-Benz says the facelifted C-Class range, of which the C 200 saloon tested here is the entry-level model, features 6500 new or updated components, including a fair bit of trickle-down ; Read More

Benz a showcase of active functionality

Richard Bosselman travelled to Texas to take the 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE for a spin. One question that might come to mind about the new-generation Mercedes-Benz GLE landing here next year is: Why are we getting a new version so soon? After ; Read More