Plenty of bite in Mako

In rugby terms, the story of the latest Hilux is akin to a great test match that looks like being an opposition romp — until an outcome-swinging last-minute local comeback. Before getting into that, here’s a question: How do you feel about; Read More

New Yaris pushes perceptions

Care to categorise the ‘‘typical’’ Yaris buyer? Rather you than me — the latest range surely raises far too much of a challenge. The roll-out as explained by Toyota New Zealand totally blows apart perception that the car i; Read More

'The quintessential urban jungle challenger', Ross Kiddie takes a tour in the Toyota C-HR

An acquaintance asked me recently did I like Toyota’s C-HR, she was thinking of buying one. I said it is a funky, trendy car that will never let her down, I also presented he; Read More

Exhilarating, distinctive ride

Chris Williams slips behind the wheel of a Toyota Supra to discover what all the fuss is about. What’s new? When an exciting new model of car is born into the world, fans go wild. Hard-cased adults; Read More

Racer given shakedown

Two South Island tracks will be the first to host the new Toyota Gazoo Racing New Zealand’s FT-60 open-wheelers when the five-round 2020 Toyota Racing Series (TRS) roars into life in January. The 280 horsepower, high-downforce state-of-the; Read More

RAV4 gets hybrid boost

Hybrid technology has found its way for the first time into the new iteration of the Toyota RAV4. David Thomson slips behind the wheel to discover what all the fuss is about.What’s New?Pause to t; Read More

Supra lapping up the potential

Toyota’s new Supra may very well be a further great stride down excitement street, but it was hard to tell, writes Richard Bosselman. All too fleeting encounters seems set to be my lot in respect of the Toyota Supra.  ; Read More

New Corolla ticks all the boxes

David Thomson finds that Toyota has banished boring from its new range of Corollas. Designed to a brief that continues a push to ‘‘banish boring’’ from its fleet, the latest Corolla hatchback is a hugely important standard; Read More

New-look Camry has pep

Banishing boring has become something of a mantra for Toyota of late, and it’s an approach that is every bit as evident with the latest Camry as with other recent additions to the company’s range, such as the new Corolla. While displayed most ; Read More