N models proper sizzlers

Bang-pop-burble-bang. There’s nothing quite like the exhaust sound of a small-capacity, high-revving performance petrol engine down change — it’s a signature those who crafted Hyundai’s N models have got EXACTLY right. Yes, ‘‘crafted’’. Su; Read More

More here than good looks

New Zealand’s favourite Hyundai, the Tucson, was recently launched in new fourth generation guise. David Thomson tries the N-Line variant for size. What’s new?From decidedly different, to mainstream,; Read More

Stunning style and pace

The new Ioniq 5 represents a stepwise advance for Hyundai’s EV ambitions. David Thomson plugs into the electric vibe. What’s new?Hyundai introduced the world to its Ioniq sub-brand back in 2016, usin; Read More

"A blend of luxury features with all-road capability" - Ross Kiddie reviews the new Hyundai Pallisade

Even though my wife entertains me with a piano recital nearly every evening, I’m not really into classical music, nor am I a big fan of television advertisements. With a combination of those two factors it’s a wonder then that I spotted th; Read More

The new Hyundai Santa Fe Ltd is a class act

My son recently purchased a new television, a giant 65in model. The key question I asked the salesperson at the time of purchase was: “Would I be able to transport it home in a sport utility vehicle?’’ He answered yes, if it was a big wagon. ; Read More

Big SUV gets even better

Significant changes have been made to the current Hyundai Santa Fe. David Thomson drives the flagship model to see what’s new. What’s new?Just a couple of years after the launch of the fourth-generat; Read More

Paddon dominant in claiming eighth title

Two punctures were not enough to prevent former WRC driver Hayden Paddon from upping his Otago Rally trophy tally to eight yesterday. Looking at the final winning margin in the New Zealand Rally Championship, it is hard to imagine that Pad; Read More

The Hyundai Veloster 'one feisty little unit'

I know life often means disappointments but it will take me a bit of time to get over missing out on a drive of Hyundai’s new i30 N fastback – a high-performance car based around its hot-hatch stablemate. See, the turbocharged 2-litre manu; Read More

Veloster fun and engaging

It’s taken close to a decade for DavidThomson to get behind the wheel of a Hyundai Veloster. Has it been worth the wait? What’s new?Daring to be different was something Hyundai certainly achieved whe; Read More

Tucson keeping up with the play

The Tucson, Hyundai’s mid-sized SUV, has benefited from a mid-life refresh, writes David Thomson. What’s new?The current-generation Tucson — Hyundai’s mid-sized SUV — has benefited from a mid-life re; Read More