Power and pomp

Richard Bosselman gets behind the wheel of the HSV Camaro ZL1 and holds on for his life. What’s new?It’s not so much the car — it’s the sixth-generati; Read More

Holden on unfamiliar territory

David Thomson and Richard Bosselman were recently invited to the Chatham Islands to test drive a variety of Holden vehicles on the island’s roads and tracks. When Holden NZ Corporate Affairs boss Ed Finn set on the bold sc; Read More

Good looks, workhorse character

What’s new?  Holden’s Colorado flagship, the dual-cab Z71, exemplifies the incremental improvement that has been a defining feature of the Colorado range.  What’s it like to look at? ; Read More

When size matters

An unashamedly large SUV with an imposing visual presence, the US-sourced Arcadia is a valuable addition to Holden’s revamped range, writes David Thomson. We Kiwis haven’t had much cause to admit it of late, but sometimes ; Read More

Holden changing tack

No longer on top of the sales charts in Australian and New Zealand, Holden has come up with a bold new sales plan, writes Richard Bosselman. ‘‘We’re a challenger brand and we’ll need to do things that epitomise what a ; Read More

Commodore comes in diesel

What’s new? This year’s launch of the ZB-series Holden Commodore has brought many firsts: coming from Europe rather than Australia, this is the first Commodore to feature front-wheel drive, the first to come in liftback form, and the first to be of; Read More