Analysing ownership of vehicles

Great South is trying to better understand why Southland residents have one of the lowest rates of vehicle ownership in the country.Strategic Projects general manager Steve Canny said the Southland EV ownership rate sat at just 0.75 vehicles; Read More

Drivers gear up for veteran car rally

Emma Boult (15) gives her father Phill’s 1913 Alldays and Onions car a clean, in preparation for this year’s Dunedin to Brighton Veteran Car Rally. Photo: Gerard O’Brien Phill Boult has so many fond memories of rides in ; Read More

Motoring ‘Very collectable’ Japanese models take centre stage

Bill Richardson Transport World workshop team member Darren Robbie with a Mazda 323 4WD, one of the highlights of The Evolution of Japanese Cars exhibit. WHEN Darren Robbie was young, people usually did n; Read More

‘Grandma’ no getaway car but still good for rallies

Colin Winter polishes a lantern from his 1900 Wolseley (nicknamed Grandma), in preparation for the National Veteran Car Rally in Gore this weekend. PHOTO: GREGOR RICHARDSON ; Read More

Perfect for Playing Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin - Pat's 1966 Mark 4 Zephyr

Owner: Pat CurryFrom: Invercargill When and why did you buy it? About 15 years ago. I always wanted a Mark 3, but this one came along cheap.; Read More

Retro fire truck inspires smiles all around

The unofficial Lawrence Gamecock Fire Brigade is due to start restoring its classic 1959 Karrier Gamecock appliance soon, led by (from left) chief Jude Gamble, Steve Wither (top), Phil Cummings, Tim Dickey and Paul Wilson. Sam Chapman was absent. ; Read More

Modified hot rod ‘a handful’, but loving it

"A blast" .Keri Wilson, of Green Island, and his 1936 Ford hot rod. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE Keri Wilson, of Green Island, talks to motoring reporter Shawn McAvinue about his 1936 Ford hot rod. ; Read More

War-issue Chevrolet has never failed its restorer

Fixer-upper . . . Gores Bryan Neilson takes his 1942 Chevrolet 15 CWT Pickup out for a drive. Bryan Neilson’s car may have been in the wars but these days it looks better than ever. The Gore man h; Read More