Hybrid Volvo shows intent

Volvo is laying the foundations for a very different motoring future, and the new XC40 model is part of its grand plan. David Thomson explains. What’s new?The addition of a plug-in hybrid to Volvo’s ; Read More

'No slouch when it comes to power and performance' - the Volvo V60 T5

I still find it quite strange that out of the two highly-regarded Swedish car makers, only one remains – Volvo. For decades Volvo and Saab battled it out in most global m; Read More

Volvo quick to impress

No-one in the premium automotive world does understated yet utterly satisfying quite as well as Volvo, writes David Thomson. With the addition of the XC40 to its range, Volvo can now claim to have all the key bases covered in the burgeonin; Read More