"A blend of luxury features with all-road capability" - Ross Kiddie reviews the new Hyundai Pallisade

Even though my wife entertains me with a piano recital nearly every evening, I’m not really into classical music, nor am I a big fan of television advertisements. With a combination of those two factors it’s a wonder then that I spotted th; Read More

Skoda Octavia RS wagon at the head of the class

I got into a conversation just recently with a work colleague, he’s also a car enthusiast, when time allows we are always talking about things automotive. After asking me how I was enjoying the Skoda Octavia evaluation car, he raised a rea; Read More

Mercedes Sedan High On Luxury - Ross Kiddie reviews the E200 Sedan

I’ll be brutally honest, I prefer cars with big engines. However, as time goes by any engine that is honest has charmed me, and it’s fair to say Mercedes-Benz builds beautiful engines, strong, smooth and efficient. I mention big en; Read More

Is it a GOOAT? Ross Kiddie checks out the new Subaru Outback.

The GOOAT – Greatest Outback Of All Time is Subaru’s slogan for its latest generation station wagon. It’s a kind of corny catchphrase but there’s no disputing the claim, the new Outback is surely worthy of high praise. I see it as competin; Read More

The new GR Yaris is an 'absolute blast'

Toyota is no stranger to rally success. I remember well the heady days during the early 90s when the amazing Celica GT-Four dominated the World Rally Championship. Toyota distanced itself from rallying for many years, it dabbled in formula; Read More

Ross Kiddie discovers new hybrid technology in the Mazda3 Skyactiv-X Takami

It was only a matter of time before Mazda developed hybrid technology. I’m not surprised it has taken some time for that to happen, because as a company it has been concentrating on building fuel-efficient and low emission internal combust; Read More

The new Hyundai Santa Fe Ltd is a class act

My son recently purchased a new television, a giant 65in model. The key question I asked the salesperson at the time of purchase was: “Would I be able to transport it home in a sport utility vehicle?’’ He answered yes, if it was a big wagon. ; Read More

Suzuki Jimny - One of the best off-road vehicles in the market

There have been plenty of cars over the years that have developed a cult following – some that are simply alluring through their design or shape. Suzuki’s Jimny is one of those cars, I’ve seen a lot on our roads and, judging by the tidy lo; Read More

It's all that you could expect from a state-of-the-art ute. Ross Kiddie puts the Mazda BT-50 though its paces.

I have the council to thank for completion of a landscaping project on my front lawn. Even though I still can’t work out why, our footpaths were replaced and I was left with ; Read More

Mitsubishi's new generation Eclipse Cross VRX is bursting with usability and driveability

I was picking up Mitsubishi’s new Eclipse Cross from the dealership and entered into conversation with one of the members from the friendly sales team. After being shown arou; Read More