Stay safe on the water this summer

Stay safe on the water this summer

We have some great vehicles to help tow the toys this summer but that also means it's time to talk about water safety! As the weather gets warmer for many kiwis that means more time in, on or around the water. Keep safe over the summer season with these easy-to-remember boating and watersport safety tips:

Wear a lifejacket
This simple but essential rule is a must for even the most experienced boatie. Make sure you wear a lifejacket that is best suited to the types of activities you are doing, one that fits you and one that is within the recommended 10-year lifespan. Weather and conditions can change without warning, so make sure to keep you and your crew safe by ensuring everyone on board has their lifejacket on at all times.

Check the conditions
No matter how far from shore you are going, be sure to check the weather and conditions before you go. Windspeed, waves and general weather can all change suddenly, so make sure to listen to the forecast,
talk to locals in the area for their advice and keep an eye out for any changes. Remember — if in doubt, don’t go out!



Stay sober
A boat can be just as difficult and just as dangerous to drive as a car, so make sure you always have a sober skipper! Alcohol can inhibit your co-ordination, exaggerate your confidence and affect your sense of direction. Make sure you keep a clear head and stay sober until you are back on shore.

Communication is key
Before you head out onto the water, make sure you have two types of communication available and make sure they will still work even if they get wet. Cellphones, VHF radios, flares and beacons are all reliable options to have on board. Our top tip is to remember that not all communication options will work in every location, so always make sure to have a back-up option available.

Drivesouth bonus tip: Make sure you check out our great range of 4WD's including utes and SUV's from trusted local dealers - they're perfect for towing your toys this summer!