Port Fleet Renewed and Renewable

Port Fleet Renewed and Renewable

Port Otago’s light vehicle fleet of electric vans and cars. Photo Sharron Bennett

Port Otago has spent $500,000 switching its light vehicle fleet to electric over the past few months.

The port company’s light vehicle fleet was now almost fully electric, project manager Jodi Taylor said.

Two light trucks were being customised and were on their way to Port Chalmers, Ms Taylor said.

Upon their arrival, the port company would have 10 low-emission vehicles in total — eight electric and two hybrid, she said.

The average age of the light vehicle fleet was 17 years before the replacement programme began in December.

While Port Otago knew it was time to replace its ageing fleet with modern, fit-for-purpose vehicles, it was only recently that the battery technology and price reached the point for the switch over to be viable, she said.

The move to electric vehicles was driven by the need to better understand and measure the company’s carbon footprint, Ms Taylor said.

"While our light vehicle fleet’s emissions are relatively tiny compared to our other business activities, the change is a step in the right direction as we undertake our sustainability journey," she said.


- Hamish Maclean