Can you identify these mystery men?

Can you identify these mystery men?

The search is on for the names of the people in a photograph believed to be part of Dunedin’s motoring history.

The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Otago Branch member David Mills, of Dunedin, said he had begun the process of sourcing material to compile a book to celebrate the first 50-year history of the branch celebrated in 2004.

A black-and-white image he hopes to include in the book is of six men in a Series 1 Land Rover.

He suspected the photograph was taken at the Dunedin Festival Road Race and the Land Rover was being used as a crash tender.

Two men in the photo had been identified by branch members – Gordon Sharpe in the driver’s seat and Trevor Timms at the back of the Land Rover – the rest of the men remained a mystery.

The boy standing beside the Land Rover could be the only person surviving in the image and might be able to provide some clues, Mr Mills said.

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