Cooke Howlison Toyota

Cooke Howlison Toyota

Cooke Howlison Toyota
500 Andersons Bay Road
Phone: 0800 455 5594
Fax: 03 455 6152
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Both New and Used Cars
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Mon-Fri 8.00am - 6.00pm
Sat 9.30am – 4.00pm
Steve Wilson
Steve Wilson, General Sales Manager
Tel: 03 466 4908
Mob: 027 471 0444

About Cooke Howlison Toyota:

Cooke Howlison Toyota is a name synonymous in Otago being locally owned and operated since 1895.  At Cooke Howlison Toyota we carry a full complement of new Toyota vehicles along with an impressive range of over 100 premium quality pre loved passenger and commercial vehicles. Cooke Howlison Toyota is proud to be associated with New Zealand’s number one selling motor vehicle, to this end Toyota products have been market leaders for 25 consecutive years and Cooke Howlison Toyota are market leaders in Otago.


Current Listings for Cooke Howlison Toyota (46 total)
Toyota Highlander GXL 2014Toyota, Highlander, Gxl, 2014, 65,969km, $47,999
Toyota Yaris GX FWD 2015Toyota, Yaris, Gx Fwd, 2015, 33,807km, $16,999
Toyota RAV4 4WD 2006Toyota, RAV4, 4WD, 2006, 171,189km, $11,999
Toyota Vitz  2006Toyota, VITZ, 2006, 28,412km, $9,999
Toyota Vitz  2009Toyota, VITZ, 2009, 67,221km, $9,999
Toyota Ist  2007Toyota, IST, 2007, 39,144km, $9,999
Toyota Ist  2004Toyota, IST, 2004, 21,041km, $8,999
Toyota RAV4 GXL AWD 2013Toyota, RAV4, Gxl Awd, 2013, 31,322km, $32,999
Toyota Corolla GX 1800cc 2008Toyota, Corolla, Gx 1800cc, 2008, 75,239km, $12,999
Toyota RAV4 GXL AWD 2013Toyota, RAV4, Gxl Awd, 2013, 64,055km, $29,999