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Volkswagen Beetle 2L AUTO 2000Volkswagen, Beetle, 2l Auto, 2000, 110,300km, $6,990
Subaru Forester XS 4x4 2005Subaru, Forester, Xs 4x4, 2005, 76,000km, $12,990
Ford Falcon BA XR6 A 2005Ford, Falcon, Ba Xr6 A, 2005, 177,000km, $8,990
HYUNDAI Getz  2009Hyundai, Getz, 2009, 45,800km, $7,990
Holden Commodore EXEC SEDAN 3.6 AUTO 2006Holden, Commodore, Exec Sedan 3.6 Auto, 2006, 121,000km, $9,990
Nissan Bluebird SSS 1996Nissan, Bluebird, SSS, 1996, 182,000km, $3,990
Mitsubishi Diamante 3.5P VR-X SEDAN A 2004Mitsubishi, Diamante, 3.5p Vr-x Sedan A, 2004, 180,250km, $5,990
Toyota Corolla 1.5P WAGON 5DR 5M 2011Toyota, Corolla, 1.5p Wagon 5dr 5m, 2011, 220,000km, $8,990
Ford Mondeo WAG 2.3 AUTO 2010Ford, Mondeo, Wag 2.3 Auto, 2010, 169,000km, $10,990
Hyundai Tucson Gls 4wdHyundai, Tucson, Gls 4wd, 2007, 132,927km, $11,995
Honda Stream 1.8 7 SeatHonda, Stream 1.8, 1.8 7 Seat, 2008, 83,700km, $9,995
Toyota Corolla Blade 2.4Toyota, Corolla, Blade 2.4 Auto Hatch, 2007, 91,690km, $10,995
Toyota Corolla Allex 1.5Toyota, Corolla, ALLEX 5 DOOR HATCH 1.5 AUTO, 2006, 126,802km, $7,995
Nissan Murano 3.5Nissan, Murano, 350 Xv 4wd Wagon, 2004, 83,528km, $13,995
Suzuki Swift Xs 1.5Suzuki, Swift, Xs 1.5, 2004, 88,025km, $10,995
Toyota Vitz Rs 1.5 5 SpdToyota, VITZ, Rs 1.5l 5 Speed, 2005, 71,556km, $9,995
Honda Civic 1.7 HatchHonda, Civic, 1.7 Xs 5 Door, 2000, 186,910km, $4,995
Toyota Corolla Runx 1.8Toyota, Corolla, Runx S 1.8 5 Door, 2005, 34,348km, $9,995
Honda Fit Rs 1.5Honda, Fit, Rs 1.5 Hatch, 2007, 85,877km, $8,995
Yamaha, scooter, 2005, 5,600km, $950
Toyota Caldina 4WDToyota, Caldina 4WD, 20G SW, 1998, 175,500km, $4,000
Nissan Navara RX 4WD DIESEL MANUAL 3.5T TOWING 2016Nissan, Navara, Rx 4wd Diesel Manual 3.5t Towing, 2016, 2,400km, $39,990
Nissan Navara ST-X 4WD Auto 2.3L Twin Turbo Diesel 2016Nissan, Navara, St-x 4wd Auto 2.3l Twin Turbo Diesel, 2016, 7,500km, $55,990
Nissan Navara DX 2.5L Petrol Manual 2WD 2016Nissan, Navara, Dx 2.5l Petrol Manual 2wd, 2016, 1,600km, $26,990
Nissan Murano 3.5L Petrol V6 4WD Ti 2005Nissan, Murano, 3.5l Petrol V6 4wd Ti, 2005, 80,500km, $14,990
Nissan Micra ST-L HATCH  1.2L PETROL AUTO 2016Nissan, Micra, St-l Hatch 1.2l Petrol Auto, 2016, 6,700km, $15,990
Nissan Micra ST-L HATCH 1.2L PETROL AUTO 2016Nissan, Micra, St-l Hatch 1.2l Petrol Auto, 2016, 2,500km, $15,990
Nissan Micra ST-L 1.2L PETROL AUTOMATIC 2016Nissan, Micra, St-l 1.2l Petrol Automatic, 2016, 2,000km, $15,990
Nissan Micra ST-L 1.2L PETROL AUTOMATIC 2014Nissan, Micra, St-l 1.2l Petrol Automatic, 2014, 11,000km, $9,990
Nissan, Qashqai, Ts 1.6l Turbo Diesel, 2016, $35,990
Toyota Vitz Reverse Camera, Bluetooth, Keyless 2008Toyota, VITZ, Reverse Camera, 2008, 29,100km, $10,990
Nissan Juke Turbo 1.6L Petrol 4WD Auto 2014Nissan, Juke, Turbo 1.6l Petrol 4wd Auto, 2014, 12,500km, $28,990