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Toyota RAV4 Sport 2007Toyota, RAV4, Sport, 2007, 72,959km, $14,990
Honda Airwave G 2005Honda, Airwave, G, 2005, 59,500km, $7,990
Nissan Note X 2012Nissan, Note, X, 2012, 70,998km, $10,990
Mazda Axela SPORTS 23S 2006Mazda, Axela, Sports 23s, 2006, 60,180km, $12,990
Nissan Murano 350 XV 2008Nissan, Murano, 350 Xv, 2008, 71,781km, $19,990
Nissan Skyline 370GT Type P 2008Nissan, SKYLINE, 370gt Type P, 2008, 90,733km, $16,990
Mazda CX-7 2.3 Turbo 2009Mazda, CX-7, 2.3 Turbo, 2009, 61,514km, $16,990
Subaru Impreza 1.6I 2012Subaru, Impreza, 1.6i, 2012, 55,590km, $13,990
Toyota RACTIS X V Package 2012Toyota, Ractis, X V Package, 2012, 32,015km, $11,990
Toyota Vanguard 350S G Package 2007Toyota, Vanguard, 350s G Package, 2007, 86,870km, $16,990
Nissan Leaf X Model 24kw 2016Nissan, Leaf, X Model 24kw, 2016, 4,653km, $21,990
Nissan X-Trail 20X 2008Nissan, X-Trail, 20x, 2008, 61,365km, $14,990
Mazda MPV AERO REMIX 2004Mazda, Mpv, Aero Remix, 2004, 58,049km, $8,990
Nissan Skyline 250GT 2006Nissan, SKYLINE, 250gt, 2006, 81,487km, $11,990
Honda Stream X HDD Navi Package 2009Honda, Stream, X Hdd Navi Package, 2009, 48,472km, $11,990
Subaru TREZIA 1.3 i 2012Subaru, Trezia, 1.3 I, 2012, 76,236km, $9,990
Foton Tunland 2WD 2.8DT/2WD/5MT 2017Foton, Tunland, 2wd 2.8dt/2wd/5mt, 15km, $27,588
Subaru Legacy 2.5I L package Limited 2010Subaru, Legacy, 2.5i L Package Limited, 2010, 43,419km, $15,990
Nissan Leaf S Model 24kw 2016Nissan, Leaf, S Model 24kw, 2016, 10,694km, $21,990
Toyota AQUA L HYBRID 2012Toyota, Aqua, L Hybrid, 2012, 59,310km, $13,990
Nissan Tiida 15M 2005Nissan, Tiida, 15m, 2005, 68,219km, $7,990
Foton Tunland TS1 2WD 2.8DT/2WD/5MT 2017Foton, Tunland Ts1, 2wd 2.8dt/2wd/5mt, 15km, $32,888
Mazda Axela Sport 15S SPORT EDITION 2013Mazda, Axela, Sport 15s Sport Edition, 2013, 60,102km, $16,990
Suzuki SX-4 Salomon Limited 2007Suzuki, Sx-4, Salomon Limited, 2007, 66,039km, $10,990
Mitsubishi Pajero 3.8 Super Exceed 2006Mitsubishi, Pajero, 3.8 Super Exceed, 2006, 55,773km, $24,990
Suzuki Aerio (Liana) 2004Suzuki, Aerio, (liana), 2004, 96,675km, $5,990
Toyota Estima Aeras -S 2005Toyota, Estima, Aeras -s, 2005, 66,949km, $9,990
Mazda Demio 13C-V HID EDITION 2011Mazda, Demio, 13c-v Hid Edition, 2011, 20,979km, $10,990
Toyota Vitz RS 2011Toyota, VITZ, RS, 2011, 54,563km, $13,990
Range Rover EVOQUE  2013Range Rover, Evoque, 2013, 29,577km, $55,990
Toyota  G 2012Toyota, 86, G, 2012, 39,746km, $24,990
MERCEDES BENZ C180 Kompressor 2006Mercedes, C180, Kompressor, 2006, 60,925km, $10,990