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Nissan Qashqai Brand New, ST-L PANORAMIC ROOF 2017Nissan, Qashqai, St-l Panoramic Roof, 500km, $35,990
Volkswagen Golf GTI 155Kw 2.0L PETROL 6 SPEED DSG 2010Volkswagen, Golf, Gti 155kw 2.0l Petrol 6 Speed Dsg, 2010, 88,000km, $19,990
Kia Cerato SX 2.0L Petrol Hatch 2014Kia, Cerato, Sx 2.0l Petrol Hatch, 2014, 41,800km, $19,990
Kia Sorento SX 2.2L Diesel Turbo AWD 2014Kia, Sorento, Sx 2.2l Diesel Turbo Awd, 2014, 69,000km, $30,990
Hyundai, Tucson, Gls 2.0 Petrol 4wd Auto, 2009, 121,000km, $9,990
Kia, Cerato, Ex 2.0l Petrol Automatic, $25,990
Kia, Sorento, Ex 2.2l Automatic Diesel, $48,990
Kia, Sportage, Awd Limited 2.4l Petrol, 500km, $40,990
Kia, Sportage, Gt-line 2.4l Automatic Petrol Awd, 500km, $44,990
Kia, Sportage, Gt-line 2.0l Diesel Awd, 500km, $46,990
Kia Cerato LX 2.0L Petrol Automatic 2017Kia, Cerato, Lx 2.0l Petrol Automatic, $25,990
Kia Sorento Premium 2.2L Diesel AWD 2018Kia, Sorento, Premium 2.2l Diesel Awd, $64,590
Kia, Sorento, Ltd 2.2l Turbo Diesel 4wd 8 Speed, 500km, $51,990
Kia Soul Turbo 1.6L Petrol 2017Kia, Soul, Turbo 1.6l Petrol, 500km, $31,990
Kia Sportage LX 2.0L Diesel AWD 2017Kia, Sportage, Lx 2.0l Diesel Awd, 500km, $33,990
Holden, Barina, 1.6l Petrol Sedan, 2015, 14,500km, $15,990
Kia, Rio, 1.4 Petrol Auto Ex, 2013, 24,500km, $14,990
Kia, Rio, Lx 1.4 Petrol Manual, 2013, 75,500km, $11,990
Kia Cerato 1.8L Petrol Auto EX JUST ARRIVED 2013Kia, Cerato, 1.8l Petrol Auto Ex Just Arrived, 2013, 80,500km, $14,990
Suzuki SX4 1.5L PETROL AUTO 2010Suzuki, Sx4, 1.5l Petrol Auto, 2010, 105,000km, $8,990
Kia, Sportage, Urban Lx 2.0 Special Edition!, 100km, $33,990
Kia Sorento EX 2.2D AWD 2017Kia, Sorento, Ex 2.2d Awd, 14,500km, $47,990
Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 1.6L PETROL AUTO 2015Mercedes, Cla 200, 1.6l Petrol Auto, 2015, 29,800km, $40,990
Kia Sorento LX 2.2L AWD DIESEL AUTOMATIC 2017Kia, Sorento, Lx 2.2l Awd Diesel Automatic, 10,500km, $41,990
Kia Stinger Gt Sport 3.3L V6 Twin Turbo 8 Speed Auto 2017Kia, Stinger, Gt Sport 3.3l V6 Twin Turbo 8 Speed Auto, 4,000km, $67,990
Holden Barina 1.6 Hatch Mt 2012Holden, Barina, 1.6 Hatch Mt, 2012, 70,900km, $10,990
Hyundai ix35 2.0L Petrol 2014Hyundai, iX35, 2.0l Petrol, 2014, 54,000km, $18,990
Kia Sportage 2.0 Petrol Auto 2010Kia, Sportage, 2.0 Petrol Auto, 2010, 99,000km, $16,990
Kia Sportage URBAN LX All Colours available! 2017Kia, Sportage, Urban Lx All Colours Available!, $29,990
Kia Picanto LX 1.2l Petrol Automatic NEW MODEL 2017Kia, Picanto, Lx 1.2l Petrol Automatic New Model, 500km, $15,990
Kia Sorento PREMIUM 2.2l Diesel AWD 2016Kia, Sorento, Premium 2.2l Diesel Awd, 2016, 22,500km, $47,990
Toyota Hilux SR5 2WD 6 speed Auto 2017Toyota, Hilux, Sr5 2wd 6 Speed Auto, 2,000km, $38,995