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Nissan Caravan 3.0 TD *Manual* 2008Nissan, Caravan, 3.0 Td *manual*, 2008, 121,300km, $14,450
Toyota Corolla Fielder 1.5 *Low KMs* Roof Rails 2005Toyota, Corolla, Fielder 1.5 *low Kms* Roof Rails, 2005, 55,900km, $6,888
Honda Odyssey 2.4 Absolute *Low KMs* Sunroof 2004Honda, Odyssey, 2.4 Absolute *low Kms* Sunroof, 2004, 83,000km, $7,950
Toyota Wish 1.8 X *Low KMs* 7seats 2004Toyota, Wish, 1.8 X *low Kms* 7seats, 2004, 58,000km, $6,888
Nissan Elgrand 3.5 4WD Rider S 2004Nissan, Elgrand, 3.5 4wd Rider S, 2004, 143,400km, $9,950
Toyota VANGUARD 350S G Pkg *Cruise Cntrl* 2007Toyota, Vanguard, 350s G Pkg *cruise Cntrl*, 2007, 112,000km, $13,850
Nissan X-TRAIL 20S 4WD *Low KMs* 2007Nissan, X-Trail, 20s 4wd *low Kms*, 2007, 68,000km, $10,950
Toyota Hiace 3.0 DX TD 4WD 2009Toyota, Hiace, 3.0 Dx Td 4wd, 2009, 162,500km, $20,450
Honda Airwave 1.5 G *Skyroof* 2005Honda, Airwave, 1.5 G *skyroof*, 2005, 69,200km, $6,488
Toyota Avensis 2.0 Li *Low KMs* Leather 2004Toyota, AVENSIS, 2.0 Li *low Kms* Leather, 2004, 46,400km, $6,988
Toyota Mark-X 250G S Pkg *Very Low KMs* 2005Toyota, Mark-x, 250g S Pkg *very Low Kms*, 2005, 39,000km, $11,850
Honda Stream 1.8 RSZ *Low KMs* new shape 2007Honda, Stream, 1.8 Rsz *low Kms* New Shape, 2007, 51,700km, $8,950
Toyota Prius 1.5 S *Very Low KMs* Rear Camera. 2005Toyota, Prius, 1.5 S *very Low Kms* Rear Camera., 2005, 25,200km, $9,450
Toyota Corolla Fielder 1.8S *Very Low KMs* 2007Toyota, Corolla, Fielder 1.8s *very Low Kms*, 2007, 19,000km, $9,950
Mazda Atenza 6 25Z wagon *new shape* 2008Mazda, Atenza 6, 25z Wagon *new Shape*, 2008, 100,400km, $13,450
Subaru Outback 3.0R *Low KMs* 2004Subaru, Outback, 3.0r *low Kms*, 2004, 72,000km, $10,950
Nissan X-TRAIL 20S 4WD *Roof Rack* 2007Nissan, X-Trail, 20s 4wd *roof Rack*, 2007, 141,200km, $8,950
Nissan Pathfinder 4.0 4WD ST *7seats* 2006Nissan, Pathfinder, 4.0 4wd St *7seats*, 2006, 242,000km, $12,450
Subaru Forester 2.0i 4WD *Very Low KMs* Cross Sports 2006Subaru, Forester, 2.0i 4wd *very Low Kms* Cross Sports, 2006, 37,900km, $11,450
Honda Airwave 1.5 G *Low KMs* Rear Camera 2006Honda, Airwave, 1.5 G *low Kms* Rear Camera, 2006, 47,400km, $6,888
Mitsubishi Pajero 3.5 4WD 7seats Towbar 1998Mitsubishi, Pajero, 3.5 4wd 7seats Towbar, 1998, 196,900km, $5,888
Nissan March Micra 12E *Low KMs* Rear Camera 2007Nissan, March, Micra 12e *low Kms* Rear Camera, 2007, 36,000km, $5,788
Nissan FUGA 350GT Sports Pkg *Low KMs* 2004Nissan, Fuga, 350gt Sports Pkg *low Kms*, 2004, 49,500km, $10,850
Nissan Wingroad  2009Nissan, Wingroad, 1.5, 2009, 106,400km, $5,888
Mazda MPV 23T 8seats *Rear Camera* 2006Mazda, Mpv, 23t 8seats *rear Camera*, 2006, 104,600km, $7,950
Nissan X-TRAIL 20X 4WD *new shape* 2007Nissan, X-Trail, 20x 4wd *new Shape*, 2007, 136,700km, $10,950
Nissan Lafesta 2.0 Highway Star *7seats* 2009Nissan, Lafesta, 2.0 Highway Star *7seats*, 2009, 98,700km, $6,588
Subaru Legacy B4 4WD 3.0R *Low KMs* McIntosh 2005Subaru, Legacy, B4 4wd 3.0r *low Kms* Mcintosh, 2005, 70,000km, $8,950
Honda Accord 20 EL *Very Low KMs* 2005Honda, Accord, 20 El *very Low Kms*, 2005, 38,000km, $8,450
Mazda MPV 23T 4WD *new shape* 2006Mazda, Mpv, 23t 4wd *new Shape*, 2006, 96,900km, $10,450
Mazda MPV 23T 4WD *Low KMs* new shape 2007Mazda, Mpv, 23t 4wd *low Kms* New Shape, 2007, 73,300km, $10,950
Honda Fit 1.5 RS Pkg *new shape* 2007Honda, Fit, 1.5 Rs Pkg *new Shape*, 2007, 104,000km, $6,988