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Mercedes-Benz C 250 CGI Avantgarde 2010Mercedes, C 250, Cgi Avantgarde, 2010, 46,500km, $29,900
Lexus RX 400h 3.3P Hybrid 2007Lexus, Rx 400h, 3.3p Hybrid, 2007, 94,250km, $23,900
Lexus RX 450h Limited 2016Lexus, Rx 450h, Limited, 2016, 800km, $109,900
Lexus LX 570 Luxury V8 SUV 2017Lexus, Lx 570, Luxury V8 Suv, 1,600km, $159,900
Mini Paceman  2014Mini, Paceman, 2014, 9,990km, $23,900
Mercedes-Benz GLA  2016Mercedes, GLA, 180, 2016, 8,300km, $39,900
Lexus GS 300H 2.5 Petrol Hybrid 2014Lexus, GS 300H, 2.5 Petrol Hybrid, 2014, 29,900km, $53,900
Holden Colorado 7 LTZ 2.8L Diesel 4WD Auto 2015Holden, Colorado, 7 Ltz 2.8l Diesel 4wd Auto, 2015, 61,900km, $40,990
Holden Captiva 2.4 Automatic, LTZ, NZ New 2015Holden, Captiva, NZ new, 2015, 40,500km, $22,990
Volkswagen Polo 1.4L Petrol 5 Speed Manual 2013Volkswagen, Polo, 1.4l Petrol 5 Speed Manual, 2013, 47,650km, $13,990
Nissan X-Trail ST 4WD PETROL 2016Nissan, X-Trail, St 4wd Petrol, 2016, 15,300km, $33,990
Nissan Pathfinder ST-L 4WD 2.5L V6 Petrol Auto 2017Nissan, Pathfinder, St-l 4wd 2.5l V6 Petrol Auto, 1,000km, $65,990
Nissan Patrol 5.6L V8 PETROL  298KW ENGINE NZ NEW 2017Nissan, PATROL, 5.6l V8 Petrol 298kw Engine Nz New, 50km, $89,990
Nissan Juke 1.6L PETROL AUTOMATIC 2017Nissan, Juke, 1.6l Petrol Automatic, 30km, $24,990
Nissan Pathfinder Ti 4WD 2.5L V6 Petrol Auto 2017Nissan, Pathfinder, Ti 4wd 2.5l V6 Petrol Auto, 500km, $69,990
Nissan Qashqai Brand New, Ti SAVE $4,000 Top of the Range! 2017Nissan, Qashqai, Ti Save $4, 50km, $39,990
Nissan Navara DX 2WD PETROL MANUAL 2016Nissan, Navara, Dx 2wd Petrol Manual, 2016, 500km, $27,990
Kia Sportage Urban LX 2L 2WD 2016Kia, Sportage, Urban Lx 2l 2wd, 2016, 20,000km, $27,990
Kia Sportage Urban LX 2L 2WD 2016Kia, Sportage, Urban Lx 2l 2wd, 2016, 20,000km, $27,990
Kia Sportage Urban LX 2.0P 2014Kia, Sportage, Urban Lx 2.0p, 2014, 55,000km, $23,990
Kia Picanto 1.2 Petrol Auto EX 2014Kia, Picanto, 1.2 Petrol Auto Ex, 2014, 22,800km, $12,990
Toyota RAV4 2.4L Petrol Automatic 2007Toyota, RAV4, 2.4l Petrol Automatic, 2007, 78,100km, $12,990
Kia Sorento 2.4 Petrol LX 7 Seater 2016Kia, Sorento, 2.4 Petrol Lx 7 Seater, 2016, 16,700km, $37,990
Ford Mustang 5.0L Fastback At 5.0 2016Ford, Mustang, 5.0l Fastback At 5.0, 2016, 16,000km, $68,990
Ford Ranger 3.2Td Xlt Dc W/S 4X4 2013Ford, Ranger, 3.2td Xlt Dc W/s 4x4, 2013, 70,000km, $36,990
Toyota Hilux 2Wd 3.0Td Dc Ute 5M 2015Toyota, Hilux, 2wd 3.0td Dc Ute 5m, 2015, 29,000km, $29,990
Dodge Journey RT 3.6P 2015Dodge, Journey, Rt 3.6p, 2015, 8,600km, $39,990
Kia Soul Ex 1.6P/6At/Ha/5Dr/5 2014Kia, Soul, Ex 1.6p/6at/ha/5dr/5, 2014, 16,800km, $21,990
Nissan Navara D/C 2.5D 4Wd St-X At 2012Nissan, Navara, D/c 2.5d 4wd St-x At, 2012, 54,500km, $37,990
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Vx 3.0Td 5A 2010Toyota, Land Cruiser Prado, Vx 3.0td 5a, 2010, 114,000km, $44,990
Nissan Pathfinder Ti 3.5P4wd6cvt/Sw5d7 2014Nissan, Pathfinder, Ti 3.5p4wd6cvt/sw5d7, 2014, 28,052km, $41,990
Holden Cruze SRI-V 1.6L Auto 2015Holden, Cruze, Sri-v 1.6l Auto, 2015, 28,000km, $21,990