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Ford Territory TX AWD 7-Seater 2.7TD 2012Ford, Territory, Tx Awd 7-seater 2.7td, 2012, 60,500km, $25,990
Toyota Hilux 3.0D 4WD S/C C/C 5M 2003Toyota, Hilux, 3.0d 4wd S/c C/c 5m, 2003, 191,800km, $21,990
Toyota Hilux 3.0TD 4WD Flat Deck 2007Toyota, Hilux, 3.0td 4wd Flat Deck, 2007, 173,500km, $27,990
Toyota Hilux 3.0TD 4WD SR5 D/C 5M 2004Toyota, Hilux, 3.0td 4wd Sr5 D/c 5m, 2004, 118,000km, $31,990
Holden Commodore SV6 Sedan Auto 2009Holden, Commodore, Sv6 Sedan Auto, 2009, 164,200km, $13,990
Toyota RAV4 2.4 4WD LTD Wagon 4A 2009Toyota, RAV4, 2.4 4wd Ltd Wagon 4a, 2009, 116,200km, $13,990
Holden Captiva LTZ 2.4P Auto | NZ NEW 2015Holden, Captiva, Ltz 2.4p Auto | Nz New, 2015, 37,100km, $25,990
Toyota, Land Cruiser, Lt 4.5dt/4wd/5mt, Please contact the dealer for pricing details.
Volkswagen Passat Sedan Tdi 103Kw Tl 2013Volkswagen, Passat, Sedan Tdi 103kw Tl, 2013, 38,845km, $17,990
Volkswagen Amarok Highline Auto BLACK BETTY 2014Volkswagen, Amarok, Highline Auto Black Betty, 2014, 66,000km, $47,990
Nissan Navara STX 2.3L Twin Trubo Diesel 2016Nissan, Navara, Stx 2.3l Twin Trubo Diesel, 2016, 41,500km, $44,990
Nissan Navara DX 4WD D/C 2.5L Diesel 2012Nissan, Navara, Dx 4wd D/c 2.5l Diesel, 2012, 138,700km, $21,990
Nissan Navara DX 2.5L Petrol Manual 2015Nissan, Navara, Dx 2.5l Petrol Manual, 2015, 35,800km, $27,950
Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 Tsi Auto 4Motion Tiguan 2009Volkswagen, Tiguan, 2.0 Tsi Auto 4motion Tiguan, 2009, 98,200km, $12,950
SsangYong Rexton 2.7L Diesel Engine Sport 4x4 2012Ssangyong, Rexton, 2.7l Diesel Engine Sport 4x4, 2012, 61,500km, $24,950
SsangYong Actyon Sports 4WD 6 SPEED MANUAL WORKMATE 2014Ssangyong, Actyon Sports, 4wd 6 Speed Manual Workmate, 2014, 68,000km, $23,950
Nissan X-Trail ST-L 2WD Auto 2.5l PETROL 7 Seat 2018Nissan, X-Trail, St-l 2wd Auto 2.5l Petrol 7 Seat, 2,500km, $38,950
Nissan X-Trail Ti 2.5L Petrol 4WD Automatic 2018Nissan, X-Trail, Ti 2.5l Petrol 4wd Automatic, 2,500km, $46,950
Nissan X-Trail ST-L, Automatic, 2.5L Petrol 2018Nissan, X-Trail, St-l, 500km, $41,950
Nissan X-Trail ST 2.5L PETROL 7 SEATER 2018Nissan, X-Trail, St 2.5l Petrol 7 Seater, 3,500km, $34,950
Nissan X-Trail ST-L, Automatic, 2.5L Petrol 2018Nissan, X-Trail, St-l, 1,500km, $38,950
Nissan Navara ST-X  Auto 2.3L Diesel 4WD 2017Nissan, Navara, St-x Auto 2.3l Diesel 4wd, 9,000km, $51,950
Nissan X-Trail 2.5L Petrol 7 Seats 2017Nissan, X-Trail, 2.5l Petrol 7 Seats, 5,600km, $38,950
Nissan Navara ST-X 4WD DIESEL AUTO 2017Nissan, Navara, St-x 4wd Diesel Auto, 9,700km, $49,950
Nissan Navara ST-X 4WD Manual 2.3L DIESEL TURBO 2016Nissan, Navara, St-x 4wd Manual 2.3l Diesel Turbo, 2016, 38,800km, $44,950
Nissan Qashqai FACELIFT ST 2.0L Petrol CVT AUTO 2018Nissan, Qashqai, Facelift St 2.0l Petrol Cvt Auto, 5,000km, $31,950
Nissan Navara RX 2.3L 4WD  DOUBLE CAB 2016Nissan, Navara, Rx 2.3l 4wd Double Cab, 2016, 30,000km, $33,950
Nissan Navara ST 2.5L DIESEL 2WD AUTOMATIC 2014Nissan, Navara, St 2.5l Diesel 2wd Automatic, 2014, 57,500km, $29,950
Nissan Navara DX 2WD 2.5DIESEL Double Cab 2012Nissan, Navara, Dx 2wd 2.5diesel Double Cab, 2012, 110,500km, $17,950
Nissan Qashqai FACELIFT ST-L 2.0L Petrol Engine, CVT AUTO 2018Nissan, Qashqai, Facelift St-l 2.0l Petrol Engine, 3,500km, $34,950
Nissan Qashqai ST 2.0L PETROL NZ NEW 2WD 2018Nissan, Qashqai, St 2.0l Petrol Nz New 2wd, 3,500km, $31,990
Nissan LEAF S NZ - SPEC 30KW Gen 2  Apple Car Play 2016Nissan, Leaf, S Nz - Spec 30kw Gen 2 Apple Car Play, 2016, 7,100km, $29,990