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DODGE RAM 1500 SLT  2007Dodge, Ram 1500 Slt, 2007, -60,000km, $59,995
HOLDEN COMMODORE VE SS 2007Holden, Commodore, Ve Ss, 2007, 80,385km, $29,995
Toyota FJ Cruiser  2011Toyota, Fj Cruiser, 2011, 45,821km, $42,995
Ford FALCON BA XT SW 2004Ford, Falcon, Ba Xt Sw, 2004, 196,000km, $10,995
Holden Commodore Royale VK 1984Holden, Commodore, Royale Vk, 1984, 196,377km, $14,995
Holden Commodore HDT VE 2008Holden, Commodore, Hdt Ve, 2008, 3,415km, Please contact the dealer for pricing details.
TOYOTA ESTIMA  2004Toyota, Estima, 2004, 102,590km, $9,995
HOLDEN MALIBU  2015Holden, Malibu, 2015, 19,701km, $22,995
BMW 220I  2014BMW, 220i, 2014, 9,448km, $39,995
HOLDEN CAPTIVA  2013Holden, Captiva, 2013, 36,705km, $22,995
HOLDEN COMMODORE  2011Holden, Commodore, 2011, 74,042km, $22,995
HYUNDAI SANTA FE  2008Hyundai, Santa Fe, 2008, 117,774km, $19,995
TOYOTA COROLLA  2006Toyota, Corolla, 2006, 35,981km, $8,995
MAZDA PREMACY  2007Mazda, Premacy, 2007, 124,352km, $7,995
Subaru Legacy  2010Subaru, Legacy, 2010, 93,619km, $16,999
Mazda Axela  2014Mazda, Axela, 2014, 72,928km, $18,999
Nissan LEAF  2014Nissan, Leaf, 2014, 38,245km, $17,400
Nissan X-TRAIL  2008Nissan, X-Trail, 2008, 104,701km, $13,999
Subaru Outback  2011Subaru, Outback, 2011, 54,598km, $21,900
Nissan Skyline  2008Nissan, SKYLINE, 2008, 86,570km, $19,999
Holden Colorado 7 LTZ 2.8L Diesel 4WD Auto 2015Holden, Colorado, 7 Ltz 2.8l Diesel 4wd Auto, 2015, 61,900km, $40,990
Holden Captiva 2.4 Automatic, LTZ, NZ New 2015Holden, Captiva, NZ new, 2015, 40,500km, $22,990
Volkswagen Polo 1.4L Petrol 5 Speed Manual 2013Volkswagen, Polo, 1.4l Petrol 5 Speed Manual, 2013, 47,650km, $13,990
Nissan X-Trail ST 4WD PETROL 2016Nissan, X-Trail, St 4wd Petrol, 2016, 15,300km, $33,990
Nissan Pathfinder ST-L 4WD 2.5L V6 Petrol Auto 2017Nissan, Pathfinder, St-l 4wd 2.5l V6 Petrol Auto, 1,000km, $65,990
Nissan Patrol 5.6L V8 PETROL  298KW ENGINE NZ NEW 2017Nissan, PATROL, 5.6l V8 Petrol 298kw Engine Nz New, 50km, $89,990
Nissan Juke 1.6L PETROL AUTOMATIC 2017Nissan, Juke, 1.6l Petrol Automatic, 30km, $24,990
Nissan Qashqai Ti SAVE $4,000 Top of the Range! 2017Nissan, Qashqai, Ti Save $4, 50km, $39,990
Nissan Pathfinder Ti 4WD 2.5L V6 Petrol Auto 2017Nissan, Pathfinder, Ti 4wd 2.5l V6 Petrol Auto, 500km, $69,990
Nissan Navara DX 2WD PETROL MANUAL 2016Nissan, Navara, Dx 2wd Petrol Manual, 2016, 500km, $29,990
Kia Sportage Urban LX 2L 2WD 2016Kia, Sportage, Urban Lx 2l 2wd, 2016, 20,000km, $27,990
Kia Sportage Urban LX 2L 2WD 2016Kia, Sportage, Urban Lx 2l 2wd, 2016, 20,000km, $27,990