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Take a close look at our great selection of Suzuki used cars for sale. If you're looking for a used Suzuki Swift for sale, or the larger Grand Vitara, SX4, or Kizashi then take a look at Drivesouth's Suzuki range.

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Suzuki Swift XG Auto HBk 2009Suzuki, Swift, Xg Auto Hbk, 2009, 84,038km, $8,990
Suzuki Baleno XG 2017Suzuki, Baleno, Xg, 7,110km, $17,990
Suzuki SPLASH  2010Suzuki, Splash, 1.2, 2010, 95,080km, $6,990
Suzuki Swift Manual 2008Suzuki, Swift, Manual, 2008, 81,623km, $7,990
Suzuki Swift GLX 1500CC HATCH (only 39,850kms) 2010Suzuki, Swift, Glx 1500cc Hatch (only 39, 2010, 39,850km, $11,999
Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6L Manual Hatchback 2016Suzuki, Swift, Sport 1.6l Manual Hatchback, 2016, 24,955km, $19,950
Suzuki SX4 1.5XG 2008Suzuki, Sx4, 1.5xg, 2008, 48,156km, $11,995
Suzuki SX4 1.5XG 2009Suzuki, Sx4, 1.5xg, 2009, 44,298km, $11,995
Suzuki Swift XG 2007Suzuki, Swift, Xg, 2007, 39,032km, $10,995
Suzuki Swift XS 2005Suzuki, Swift, XS, 2005, 32,142km, $10,995
Suzuki SX4 2.0S 2009Suzuki, Sx4, 2.0s, 2009, 39,407km, $12,500
Suzuki Escudo  2009Suzuki, Escudo, 2009, 79,567km, $15,989
Suzuki Escudo 2.0L Petrol 5 speed Manual 2006Suzuki, Escudo, 2.0l Petrol 5 Speed Manual, 2006, 93,350km, $12,950
SUZUKI SWIFT  2011Suzuki, Swift, 2011, 101,100km, $10,995
Suzuki Baleno LTD 1.4L Petrol Automatic 2017Suzuki, Baleno, Ltd 1.4l Petrol Automatic, 10,680km, $19,990
Suzuki Swift 1.3L CVT Hatch 2014Suzuki, Swift, 1.3l Cvt Hatch, 2014, 61,350km, $12,950
SUZUKI SWIFT SPORTS 2006Suzuki, Swift, Sports, 2006, 111,150km, $9,990
Suzuki Swift GLX 1.5L Hatch Auto 2010Suzuki, Swift, Glx 1.5l Hatch Auto, 2010, 43,690km, $9,995
Suzuki Swift RS 1.0 PT 6AT 2017Suzuki, Swift, Rs 1.0 Pt 6at, 3,137km, $21,990
Suzuki SWIFT  2013Suzuki, Swift, 2013, 101,701km, $14,500
Suzuki Swift SPORT 2012Suzuki, Swift, Sport, 2012, 71,871km, $14,990
Suzuki SPLASH 1.2 *Low KMs* Rear Camera 2009Suzuki, Splash, 1.2 *low Kms* Rear Camera, 2009, 36,400km, $7,950
Suzuki, Sx4, 2008, 83,813km, $8,995
SUZUKI SWIFT SPORT 2009Suzuki, Swift, Sport, 2009, 69,200km, $11,990
SUZUKI SWIFT SPORTS 2005Suzuki, Swift, Sports, 2005, 104,820km, $9,990
Suzuki SWIFT  2008Suzuki, Swift, 2008, 97,122km, $9,600
SUZUKI SWIFT SPORTS 2008Suzuki, Swift, Sports, 2008, 136,430km, $9,990
Suzuki Swift XG 2012Suzuki, Swift, Xg, 2012, 48,646km, $13,990
Suzuki Baleno XG 2016Suzuki, Baleno, Xg, 2016, 8,893km, $17,990
Suzuki Swift Sport 2013Suzuki, Swift, Sport, 2013, 61,578km, $16,990