New & Used Kia for Sale in New Zealand

Check out our selection of Kia new & used cars for sale in New Zealand. Our vehicle dealers offer a great range of Kia Soul, Kia Cerato, Kia Rio, Kia Sportage, Kia Picanto or Kia Sorento for sale. Our vehicle dealers are happy to arrange delivery nationwide, please ask for a quote when enquiring.

Model:Price Range:
Kia Cerato EX 1.8 Petrol Auto 2013Kia, Cerato, Ex 1.8 Petrol Auto, 2013, 2,110km, $26,990
Kia Sportage LTD AWD 2012Kia, Sportage, LTD AWD, 2012, 26,202km, $29,990
Kia Sorento Premium 2.2D/4Wd/6At 2015Kia, Sorento, Premium 2.2d/4wd/6at, 2015, 8,600km, $59,990
Kia Rio Diesel 2012Kia, Rio, Diesel, 2012, 24,117km, $15,995
Kia SORENTO  2010Kia, Sorento, 2010, 150,000km, $27,990
Kia Picanto Auto HatchKia, Picanto, 1.1 Auto Hatch, 2009, 47,550km, $7,995
KIA RIO lx LX 2014Kia, Rio, Lx Lx, 2014, 9,605km, $15,990
KIA RIO  2009Kia, Rio, 2009, 56,217km, $9,990
KIA CERATO  2009Kia, Cerato, 2009, 125,010km, $11,995
Kia Soul SX 1.6 Petrol Auto 2014Kia, Soul, Sx 1.6 Petrol Auto, 2014, 2,480km, $27,990
Kia Cerato LX Sedan 2009Kia, Cerato, Lx Sedan, 2009, 66,000km, $16,990
Kia Rio 1.4 Petrol Sports 2013Kia, Rio, 1.4 Petrol Sports, 2013, 9,073km, $18,990
Kia Sorento 2.2 Diesel Auto Ex 2013Kia, Sorento, 2.2 Diesel Auto Ex, 2013, 42,359km, $43,990
Kia Cerato 2.0 Auto Hatch 2007Kia, Cerato, 2.0 Auto Hatch, 2007, 100,373km, $9,990
Kia Cerato Lx 1.8P6a/Ha5d5s 2014Kia, Cerato, Lx 1.8p6a/ha5d5s, 2014, 17,420km, $23,990
Kia Cerato Lx 1.8P6a/Ha5d5s 2014Kia, Cerato, Lx 1.8p6a/ha5d5s, 2014, 22,738km, $22,990
Kia Cerato 2.0 Petrol Auto Lx 2012Kia, Cerato, 2.0 Petrol Auto Lx, 2012, 12,379km, $21,990
Kia Rio 1.4 Petrol Auto Ex 2014Kia, Rio, 1.4 Petrol Auto Ex, 2014, 6,530km, $19,990
Kia Cerato 2.0 Petrol Auto Sx 2010Kia, Cerato, 2.0 Petrol Auto Sx, 2010, 70,520km, $16,990
Kia Sorento R 2.2 Diesel 2Wd Auto 2010Kia, Sorento, R 2.2 Diesel 2wd Auto, 2010, 88,335km, $26,990