Cars for Sale in Christchurch, Canterbury

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Make:Price Range:
Toyota Hiace 2.0L *Brand New* Manual 2015Toyota, Hiace, 2.0l *brand New* Manual, 2015, 20km, $30,900
Honda Accord EURO R 2007Honda, Accord, Euro R, 2007, 130,000km, $15,450
Nissan X-Trail 2.0 Turbo Diesel *Manual* 2008Nissan, X-Trail, 2.0 Turbo Diesel *manual*, 2008, 122,300km, $17,950
$$$37500 Mitsubishi Challenger 2014. MUST GO!!!Mitsubishi, Challenger EXCEED, 2014, 36,743km, $37,500
Mitsubishi Grandis  2003Mitsubishi, Grandis, 2003, 73,151km, $14,999
Peugeot   2003Peugeot, 307, 2003, 68,578km, $14,999
Peugeot   2003Peugeot, 206, 2003, 46,051km, $11,999
VOLKSWAGEN POLO 66KW Petrol Highline Automatic 2013Volkswagen, Polo, 66kw Petrol Highline Automatic, 2013, 15,000km, $17,990
SUBARU OUTBACK 2.5i Sport CVT Automatic 2013Subaru, Outback, 2.5i Sport Cvt Automatic, 2013, 39,000km, $30,990
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT Wagon Diesel 176kW 4x4 R-Line Automatic 2016Volkswagen, Passat, Wagon Diesel 176kw 4x4 R-line Automatic, 2016, 999km, $68,990
Skoda, FABIA, Petrol Turbo Automatic, 2016, 4,750km, $22,990
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT ALLTRACK 140kW Diesel Auto 2016Volkswagen, Passat, Alltrack 140kw Diesel Auto, 2016, 1,000km, $60,240
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 132KW 4Motion Petrol Auto Save $8,385! 2016Volkswagen, Tiguan, 385!, 2016, 4,000km, $45,990
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN R-Line 132KW 4Motion Petrol Auto Save $8,385! 2016Volkswagen, Tiguan, R-line 132kw 4motion Petrol Auto Save $8, 2016, 7,000km, $45,990
SKODA SUPERB 206KW Turbo Petrol 4x4 2016Skoda, Superb, 206kw Turbo Petrol 4x4, 2016, 999km, $64,400
VOLKSWAGEN TRANSPORTER T6 SWB 6-Speed Manual 2016Volkswagen, Transporter, T6 Swb 6-speed Manual, 2016, 1,000km, $50,990
VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK Highline 4WD Automatic 2016Volkswagen, Amarok, Highline 4wd Automatic, 2016, 1,000km, $69,990
VOLKSWAGEN POLO Comfortline Manual 66KW 2016Volkswagen, Polo, Comfortline Manual 66kw, 2016, 1,000km, $23,490
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN R-Line 110KW Petrol Automatic 2016Volkswagen, Tiguan, R-line 110kw Petrol Automatic, 2016, 3,000km, $40,990
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF AUTOMATIC, COMFORTLINE, PETROL 2016Volkswagen, Golf, Petrol, 2016, 999km, $35,990
VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK Highline 4WD Automatic 2016Volkswagen, Amarok, Highline 4wd Automatic, 2016, 4,000km, $59,990
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 150KW Diesel Automatic 2016Volkswagen, Touareg, 150kw Diesel Automatic, 2016, 1,000km, $91,900
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF Highline TSI Petrol Automatic 110kw 2016Volkswagen, Golf, Highline Tsi Petrol Automatic 110kw, 2016, 990km, $39,990
VOLKSWAGEN POLO 66kW Turbo Petrol Auto 2016Volkswagen, Polo, 66kw Turbo Petrol Auto, 2016, 3,000km, $26,490
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 132kW Petrol 4WD Automatic 2016Volkswagen, Tiguan, 132kw Petrol 4wd Automatic, 2016, 990km, $44,990
VOLKSWAGEN CC V6 Luxury 4WD Petrol Automatic 2013Volkswagen, Cc, V6 Luxury 4wd Petrol Automatic, 2013, 42,000km, $39,990
VOLKSWAGEN POLO GTI 132KW Petrol Automatic 2013Volkswagen, Polo, Gti 132kw Petrol Automatic, 2013, 30,000km, $22,990
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF R Petrol Automatic 221KW 2016Volkswagen, Golf, R Petrol Automatic 221kw, 2016, 1,000km, $64,990
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN TSI 110KW Petrol Automatic 2016Volkswagen, Tiguan, Tsi 110kw Petrol Automatic, 2016, 990km, $35,990
SKODA FABIA Turbo Petrol Manual *Tech Package* 2016Skoda, FABIA, Turbo Petrol Manual *tech Package*, 2016, 999km, $20,990