Cars for Sale in Christchurch, Canterbury

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Make:Price Range:
Nissan X-Trail 2.5S AXIS 2007Nissan, X-Trail, 2.5s Axis, 2007, 114,000km, $14,950
Subaru Outback 2.5i Facelift 2006Subaru, Outback, 2.5i Facelift, 2006, 114,980km, $10,450
Subaru Legacy B4 2.5 GT AWD 2009Subaru, Legacy, B4 2.5 Gt Awd, 2009, 150,600km, $14,950
Mitsubishi Grandis  2003Mitsubishi, Grandis, 2003, 73,151km, $14,999
Peugeot   2003Peugeot, 307, 2003, 68,578km, $14,999
Peugeot   2003Peugeot, 206, 2003, 46,051km, $11,999
VOLKSWAGEN CADDY Mobility 2015Volkswagen, Caddy, Mobility, 2015, 100km, $59,990
VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK Highline 4WD Manual 2011Volkswagen, Amarok, Highline 4wd Manual, 2011, 55,000km, $39,990
SKODA OCTAVIA RS TSI 162KW 6DSG Wagon 2015Skoda, Octavia, Rs Tsi 162kw 6dsg Wagon, 2015, 950km, $49,990
VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK Double Cab 4WD Highline 2012Volkswagen, Amarok, Double Cab 4wd Highline, 2012, 90,000km, $37,990
VOLKSWAGEN POLO New Facelift GTI 141kW! 2015Volkswagen, Polo, New Facelift Gti 141kw!, 2015, 999km, $35,990
SKODA OCTAVIA Scout TDI 4x4 135kW 6DSG 2015Skoda, Octavia, Scout Tdi 4x4 135kw 6dsg, 2015, 950km, $47,990
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI 162KW 2014Volkswagen, Golf, Gti 162kw, 2014, 5,000km, $49,990
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF Petrol Comfortline 2015Volkswagen, Golf, Petrol Comfortline, 2015, 1,000km, $28,990
SKODA FABIA 81kW TSI 7DSG 2015Skoda, FABIA, 81kw Tsi 7dsg, 2015, 950km, $24,990
SKODA YETI City TDI 4X4 103KW Sports Seats 2015Skoda, Yeti, City Tdi 4x4 103kw Sports Seats, 2015, 950km, $36,990
VOLKSWAGEN TRANSPORTER 340Nm SWB Manual 2015Volkswagen, Transporter, 340nm Swb Manual, 2015, 999km, $39,990
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF R-Line, Nav/GPS, Camera 2015Volkswagen, Golf, R-line, 2015, 1,000km, $40,990
VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK Highline 4WD Auto 2015Volkswagen, Amarok, Highline 4wd Auto, 2015, 22,000km, $54,990
SKODA OCTAVIA TSI 103KW Wagon 7DSG 2014Skoda, Octavia, Tsi 103kw Wagon 7dsg, 2014, 10,500km, $29,990
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 118kW Turbo! 2014Volkswagen, Beetle, 118kw Turbo!, 2014, 7,000km, $32,990
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF TDI HIGHLINE CAMERA NAV 2013Volkswagen, Golf, Tdi Highline Camera Nav, 2013, 33,000km, $32,990
LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER SPORT TDV6 2012Land Rover, Range Rover, Sport Tdv6, 2012, 75,000km, $69,990
BMW 1 SERIES 118D 1.8L Reverse Camera 2012BMW, 1 Series, 118d 1.8l Reverse Camera, 2012, 59,000km, $27,990
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 180kW Turbo Diesel 4WD 2012Volkswagen, Touareg, 180kw Turbo Diesel 4wd, 2012, 82,000km, $59,990
MITSUBISHI TRITON 4WD GLS 2011Mitsubishi, Triton, 4wd Gls, 2011, 141,000km, $27,990
VOLKSWAGEN EOS 155kW 2.0L Turbo! 2010Volkswagen, Eos, 155kw 2.0l Turbo!, 2010, 30,000km, $27,990
VOLKSWAGEN POLO 77kW Turbo 2010Volkswagen, Polo, 77kw Turbo, 2010, 25,000km, $17,990
TOYOTA HILUX 3.0L Turbo Diesel, Double Cab 2010Toyota, Hilux, Double Cab, 2010, 39,000km, $29,990
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF TSI 1.4 TURBO 90KW 2010Volkswagen, Golf, Tsi 1.4 Turbo 90kw, 2010, 60,000km, $16,990