Fashion and cars a natural

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 | Latest News
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Tanya Carlson. Photo ODT

Fashion and car brands have long gone hand in hand and a local example is Cooke Howlison, which has a long-standing partnership with iD Dunedin Fashion Week.

Drivesouth talked to Cooke Howlison marketing manager Chelsea Cain about how the relationship works.

Q How did the partnership initially come about?

The partnership between Cooke Howlison and iD has been longstanding and has been spread across almost all of the Cooke Howlison brands, but once we paired iD and Holden together we knew we had found a great match. Holden has essentially become the perfect accessory to iD an ensemble and we take great pride in being their vehicle partner of choice. We have always seen iD as a unique and quintessentially Dunedin way to promote Holden to local fashion fans.

Q What does the sponsorship involve each year?

Our sponsorship began with the use of cars, but has evolved over time as our relationship with iD has developed and as Holden continues to transition as a brand. During my involvement with iD this has seen the addition of Tanya Carlson as a brand ambassador, secret underground fashion shows, corporate hosting, our large display outside the railway station and this year includes a partnership between Holden and Emerging Designers, Holden and Fashion
Quarterly and the #SparkBackstagePass campaign.

Q What will Cooke Howlison's involvement be this year?

Cooke Howlison Holden will once again be providing a full fleet of vehicles for the team at iD including the all-new Astra, new Barina and new Trax. We are also fortunate to be the hosts of the opening function and will have a presence at a number of events including the Emerging Designers Show and main runway show. Plus we have hidden a set of keys to an all-new Astra for a weekend in a lucky goodie bag at each runway show!

Q Do you have any interesting car-meets-model anecdotes?

One year for iD we were busy working on paper-free goodie bags for our carriage and had cheekily sent emails out to a number of local businesses asking if they would be interested in contributing to these. One of these businesses was Carlson and while we didn't end up organising anything for the goodie bags we did end up with a fantastic new ambassador for Holden (Tanya Carlson).

Q What benefits does the partnership have for Cooke Howlison Holden?

Well, it's safe to say that Holden and fashion haven't always been synonymous but as Holden continues to add to the facets of its brand we see great benefit in promoting to an audience like that of iD. Every year during iD, we look for bigger and better ways to ‘‘show off'' our brand and our vehicle line-up. It's such an unexpected combination for people but they are always pleasantly surprised to find out that the vehicles of choice for iD are from the Holden range. We like to look at this week as a way of showing people that Holden isn't just about the Commodore and the Colorado.