Dunedin man's big cats pieces of art

Fri, 2 Mar 2012
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Murray Walker

Thousands of hours of elbow grease, polishing and maintaining some of Britain's best pieces of art on wheels - all for a couple of days a year on the road.

It might not seem to some to be worth the effort, but for Dunedin Jaguar owner Murray Walker, his 1966 Mark 2 and 1972 E Type Jaguars are working pieces of art history.

The Mark 2, famous for its XK motor, which powered a Jaguar to success at Le Mans in 1950; and the E Type's 5.3-litre, V12-engine capable of pushing the car up to 240kmh, was produced to take on the V8 muscle cars which were popular in the United States.

And the reward for the hard work keeping the cars in mint condition?

Driving them at events like this weekend's Best of British Charity Motoring Day.

"It turns heads. People look at you driving down the street and smile. "It's a piece of art," Mr Walker said about his Mark 2.

"It has been described as the most attractive looking saloon car. It looks good from every angle."

Mr Walker's cars will be joined by about 100 other British-made cars, bearing marques like Bentley, MG, Triumph, Vauxhall, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover, Mini, Rover and Sunbeam.

The enthusiasts will meet at the Dunedin Ice Stadium at 9.30am on Sunday before touring to the Aramoana Domain.

Mr Walker said the financial surplus from the charity event would be donated to St John.

- John Lewis