Upping the ante on warranty cover

By David Thomson on Sat, 28 Jul 2018

The traditional three-year /100,000km new car warranty could become history in New Zealand, following Ford's announcement of five years' warranty cover with unlimited kilometres.

Backdated to cover all passenger cars (including SUVs) delivered since the start of this month, the new warranty will also be offered in modified form (five years and 150,000km) on the Transit van and - from later this year - the Ranger ute.

The new passenger car warranty matches - in years and unlimited distance - the cover that is provided by Honda New Zealand. Mitsubishi, Kia and BMW also match the five-year standard, albeit limited to 130,000km for Mitsubishi and 100,000km for Kia and BMW.

With the odd four-year exception, three years of cover remains the Kiwi industry standard. Most - including Holden, Toyota, Hyundai, Peugeot, Skoda and Nissan - provide those three years up to a maximum of 100,000km. Others, such as Subaru and Volkswagen do not place a ceiling in mileage over those three years or have a higher ceiling (Mercedes), or as for Suzuki and Mazda, extend elements of the cover beyond three years.

Ford's five-year move here follows a similar change for Australia announced back in May, though our cousins across the Tasman also benefit from unlimited kilometres on Transit and Ranger. Similarly, while Kiwi Kia customers already enjoy five years of cover, Kia Australia gives seven years, and with an extra 60,000km.

When Ford made its change in Australia, Holden quickly followed suit, and the list of major car companies in Australia that offer five years or more of cover is growing rapidly. It is time five years or more become the norm rather than the exception here, too.

Moving off warranties, and on to my favourite subject of motorsport, it was great to see Brendon Hartley score points for only the second time in his F1 career at last weekend's German Grand Prix. Fingers crossed he can do the same in Hungary this weekend. Fingers crossed also for Haydon Paddon, who seems to be in a confident mood heading for this weekend's Finnish round of the world rally championship.

Last and not least, I'd like to close this weekend's editorial with a big thank you to Catherine Pattison, who signed off from Drivesouth last weekend in typically gracious fashion. These pages just won't be the same without regular contributions from an award-winning colleague, who was happy to turn her hand to any writing task and has done a huge amount to promote local competitors and events in particular over the years.

David Thomson